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With LegacyWeb you can automatically re-write your existing RPG, ILE-RPG and COBOL applications in HTML. Forget the old 5250 emulation & screen scrapers, run any application in your portfolio in a real time, pure HTML browser environment. LegacyWeb keeps all of your existing logic by intelligently analyzing your code to provide you with the fastest conversion on the planet.

Utilize the power of LegacyWeb by loading it directly on your AS/400 enabling you to work in an environment you are comfortable with. Want a graphical administrative interface? Use your web browser to access all of the LegacyWeb Developer Tools.

Take your software to the next level! LegacyWeb creates a pure HTML environment allowing your employees and customers to access any application with their favorite web browser. Run your applications in an Internet, Intranet or ASP environment. Want to integrate wireless technology? LegacyWeb can also generate XML providing a gateway between Legacy Applications and Wireless Applications like you have never seen on the AS/400 until now!