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Genesis V has a history of success in developing custom software.

 We have been contracted by the 9th largest chemical company in the world for whom we completed the development of ALL the information systems required to run their international warehousing and distribution operations.

The system was designed to replace ailing S/36 software which had originally taken twenty-two man years to write.  The new AS/400 solution, an order of magnitude more productive, sophisticated and complete in it's operation, was developed and implemented by one full-time and two part-time Genesis V consultants in just over one year - and we trained their own personnel at the same time.

Recently, we have been working with the fastest growing major financial corporation in the USA.  Such a fast growing company had developed its computer system so quickly that they found themselves unable to break out of the "catch-22" of propping up their old systems, so that they could divert resources to the much needed task of creating replacement systems.  With the help of both Genesis V tools and consultants after only four months they had already moved into production a new loan origination system for their most rapidly growing division.

The new software is more sophisticated than it's predecessor, infinitely more responsive to change, far less expensive to maintain and has a "point and click" windows feel which is far more typical of PC-based GUI's rather than the dumb terminals on which it runs.

Other successful joint developments have included a complete Local Government Fund Accounting System, a Medical Records and Hospital Administration System, a Cost Control System for a paper manufacturer, a Real-Estate Closing System for a major title company, a sophisticated Public Transport Routing System, and a publishing System, amongst others.

A major Pennsylvanian Home Improvement and garden center retail outlet (GOS Snyder) has recently installed our entire library of template applications to replace their ex-S/36 applications, thus putting the S/36 environment to rest once and for all.

Our latest developments in template applications are being completed for equipment service & rental companies and include major modules for rental orders, asset tracking and service order (work order) control.