Genesis V Solutions

YEAR 2000

Genesis V has developed a system to solve IBM AS/400 YEAR 2000 problems.

GENESIS V is the solution which will stop the millennium being a crisis - or even a headache - and will turn this problem into an opportunity.

Genesis V can help you relieve the pressure on your already busy department with as much assistance as you feel you need.  We can tackle the whole job for you or we can supply you with the tools and knowledge to enable you to do the job yourselves.


- Locate date related fields and assess the scale of the project

- Identify Program changes required

- Automate most changes

- Leave you in control

- Identify coding complexities for expert attention

- Manage and control the modification and re-testing of your existing software

GENESIS V can also:

- Bring your software's appearance up to date as a low cost by-product

- Replace programs on subsystems, where necessary, using the worlds most productive generator

- Replace entire systems with easy to customize packages

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